You can walk away

When you’re applying to jobs, many of us jump at the first offer. But you should know, it’s ok to say no.  It’s ok to walk away.  And in today’s nursing job market, you probably should, at least sometimes.  Continue reading


Top 7 Resume Hints for New Grad Nurses

New Grad Nurse ResumeThere are few things harder than submitting a resume when you have no clue what the employer is looking for.  Add to that problem, the person who screens resumes (or the computer program) is not necessarily looking for the same things as the person making the interviewing/hiring decisions. It starts to get complicated. Continue reading

New Grad Nurses: 6 steps to nail your interview

You made it through nursing school. You navigated the complex puzzle of registering with the state and for NCLEX. You applied for your dream job. And then, you got the call! As the nerves really kick into high gear, how can you make sure you put the best foot forward at the interview?

1. Remember your stories. Continue reading