Who Is Mudlark?

IMG_2768I am Kathy. Blogger since 2004. Since I started this blog I’ve made my home in Atlanta (twice), Eastern Europe, and Florida. I gave up a med-surg nursing job at an amazing 5-time consecutive Magnet hospital to become a NICU nurse in a level III NICU, which I love.  That turned into a nursing leadership position, which I don’t love nearly as much.

My first career was teaching English and editing. Then while raising my 3 kids and while hubby was a chaplain in the Army Reserve, I tackled nursing school. Crazy? Perhaps. Naive? Absolutely. I wouldn’t wish that stress on anyone.

And the name Mudlark? A mudlark is a child – usually an orphan – who searches for things of value in the river muck. While I’m no orphan, I do spend my time searching for things of value. Sometimes I latch onto counterfeit gems, unwilling to release my grip. I’m working on that. But the very pursuit of the search implies the belief that there are treasures to be found, and the confidence that I’ll stumble onto them.

9 thoughts on “Who Is Mudlark?

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  3. Hey, stumbled across your site by accident as your post about clicking to donate food was automatically listed after mine on a post i made about a similar thing. Also I couldn’t help but notice you’re in Moldova which I think is v cool. They speak Romanian? Buna ziua. Looks like a good site and will come back to check it out soon.


  4. Asa de mult mea placut cea ce ai spus Super!!! Bibecuvintari in toate tu ai un dar deosebit de a scrie. Success


  5. Mudlark that you are, those things that you find of “very little value” are indeed true treasures worth more than gold itself for they were placed there by God for you to discover. You are a fierce protector of these valuable treasures and I marvel at the woman you have become. Of course the treasures that I see and those you hold dear may be different, but your inner strength is something I recognize that sets you apart from the rest.


  6. WOW WOW WOW!!! Why didn’t you tell me about this? I found on the facebook thang. It is SO great Kathy! I would love to do this type of thing btu don’t have the time – not saying you do but I really can’t see myself being inspired enough!

    Miss you!

    vic xxx


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