Overreact much?

Cute little patient in the NICU. Mom’s basically your typical first-time mom, wide-eyed, scared, excited all at once.  Dad is an MD who works in the hospital. In this hospital.  He knows what can go wrong. And therefore he tries to will all the bad away.  Day 6 in the NICU he asks for a mask because he has a tickle in his throat – doesn’t want to spread germs to his newborn.  We provide one, and remind him that if he believes he might be sick, it would be wise to keep those germs entirely out of the NICU.  Day 7 he returns. He saw his doctor and demanded a stat chest CT, full blood workup, and PCR testing for every virus imaginable.  Verdict: he has allergies.

Another patient, whose dad happens to be an internist.  Baby is born at 28 weeks, and quite stable.  Dad’s first question: When is he going to get NEC (necrotizing enterocolitis)? (Answer: well, he’s not.  we’re doing everything we can to prevent that, as well as prevent sepsis, IVH, ROP, and virtually every other scary-sounding acronym you can think of)



And yes, of course we also have moms and dads who are docs of different sorts and are very reasonable.  But the others make the day fun…

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