Starting a journey to health

JoyfulTurtleStopGivingUpWell, it’s rather misleading to say I’m just starting this journey.  In fact I’ve started and failed many, many times.  This past April I had my annual physical and found that ohmywordimdying.  Well, that might be an overstatement.  But, my HgA1C was high (an indicator for diabetes/prediabetes), my cholesterol was way high, and my BMI seems to be creeping up a bit each year.  And all of this because I love both food and relaxing (read: not running).  So, what’s a girl to do?  First off, I have to go back to the doc soon for repeat blood work to see if I’ve been able to reverse the trend.  So, appointment made.  Check.   Next, I have to eat healthier.  My very good nurse friend pointed me to Shakeology – which she said would reduce my cravings, keep me full, and improve my energy levels.  Started that, check (and yes, she was right).  And finally there’s this thing called exercise (which I happen to hate, in most forms).  We’re still working on that part.

Over the summer I tried two new workout programs – PiYo and 21-Day-Fix.  In fact I loved them both, but life got in the way.  I started a new Master’s degree program this summer, took 2 vacations (yay!), and had a front porch put on the house (yay again!).  All of that required time and energy – leaving me little time for my new workouts.  My status quo is that I start working out, I hate it for a day or two, then love it because I feel better and I have these crazy endorphin things, then I run out of time and stop for a few days because of my wacko schedule.  Then I can’t bring myself to start again because I dread those first couple of days of hating the 30-minute workout and the ensuing muscle soreness.

The good news is that Shakeology has been my constant through all of this.  And on the 1 day I forgot to drink it I was dragging all day.  It took me a whole day to realize what was missing – without my Shakeology my body isn’t getting what it needs.  I’ve gotten used to the morning power-up and my body doesn’t like it when I skip those nutrients.  Thankfully it’s easy, it’s quick, and it’s portable.

Here’s my goal – if I share it I have to follow-through, right?  In addition to my morning Shakeology I’ll be drinking 80 oz of water daily (that’s 10 8-oz glasses, or 4 20-oz bottles).  I’ll do my workouts 4 days a week to start (that’s every day I don’t work a 12-hour shift), and on non-workout days (or 12-hour shift days) I’ll start and end my day with planks.  Finally, and this might be the hardest, I’ll limit wine and sugary foods each to once a week. (oi vey!)

Here’s to new starts that will not be followed by quitting.  As trainer Autumn Calabrese says, if you’re tired of starting over, stop giving up.  Today is the day I stop giving up.


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