Abbreviations & slang for nurses

There are tons of acronyms and abbreviations we use on a daily basis, and most of them are benign. HTN, BID, CXR… But then there are some that only another nurse would understand. Here goes:

  • DFO: Done Fell Out
  • Jack in the Box – the type who jumps out of bed, often leading to… :
  • FDGB: Fall Down Go Boom
  • NPS: New Parent Syndrome
  • NQR: Not Quite Right
  • FLK: Funny Looking Kid
  • PFH: Parents from Hell
  • VSGP: Very Shallow Gene Pool
  • FMPS: Fluff My Pillow Syndrome
  • Glow Worm or Banana: seriously jaundiced
  • Eyes & Thighs: Vit K & antibiotic eye ointment after birth
  • Dyscopia: failure to cope
  • FOB: biological father of baby (may or may not be “dad”)
  • Snorkel: inca prongs for cpap/bipap
  • Shotgun approach – ordering every test, hoping something sticks
  • Velcro – family that never leaves
  • BFMC: Baby’s Fine, Mother’s Crazy
  • FTD: Fixin’ to die
  • DRT: Dead Right There
  • MFC: Measure for Coffin
  • ITTR: Inverse Tooth to Tattoo Ratio
  • PBS: Pretty Bad Shape
  • LMC: Low Marble Count
  • TOBASH: Take ’em Out Back And Shoot Him
  • VAC: vultures are circling

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