Why I won’t shop Zulily again

In October I made a purchase at Zulily of several items of clothing. 5, in fact. Of the 5, only one fit the description provided on the product page. Now, anyone who shops Zulily knows that it has the longest order fulfillment time of virtually any retailer online. So when it took 3 weeks for my order to arrive, I wasn’t surprised.

What did surprise me isthat my cowl-neck sweater was a turtle-neck tee. My brown leggings were charcoal (even with the “brown” crossed out on the label and replaced with handwritten “charcoal”). My polyester, easy-care shirt was rayon – hand wash, iron. My cable-knit leggings were actually crop leggings (and I’m only 5’1″).

When I contacted Zulily about the problem, I knew it might be an uphill battle, since their return policies are, well, finicky. And indeed, rather than offering to allow me to return the mis-advertised items, they put a $15 credit on my account. There are two problems with this. First, I don’t plan on shopping Zulily again. Second, the $15 credit doesn’t come close to reimbursing me for items that were not as described.

Anyone else have issues with Zulily? Surely I’m not the only one.

Update: within hours of posting this and tweeting the link, Zulily contacted me with a return shipping label and offered a complete, no-strings-attached return. #SqueakyWheelGetsTheOil


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