Book review: Memory Keepers Daughter

Memory Keepers Daughter Kim EdwardsIntrigue, family dynamics, a baby with Downs Syndrome, a doctor, father, and amateur photographer. All set half a century ago when prejudices and biases were as ingrained as tolerance is today (or so we tell ourselves).

The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards is an enticing read that will challenge the way you view people with special needs (like the Downs Syndrome that drives the plot here). It sheds light on a time when the value of a life was dependent on circumstances and adherence to “the norm.” And it weaves in loss, love, and the secrets that threaten to destroy one man’s family.

This was a great read and I enthusiastically recommend it to general audiences. There’s a hint of non-preachy medical ethics, but not enough to cloud the story or disrupt the plot. Overall a wonderful written story.  That said, some of the prose is trite and overworked, but if you’re not looking for the next Jane Austen or James Joyce you’ll find this an intriguing read.

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