Reason #453 that I love nursing

I meet the coolest people! Some of my patients in the last year have been:

  • An MLB hall of fame member.
  • A lady who grew up on the same street I lived on, 20 years before I was there.
  • A nationally-recognized rodeo champion.
  • A WWII infantry officer from a glider battalion who served at Battle of the Bulge and was in Berlin on VE Day. When I gave him some good news about his recovery progress he said, “That’s the best thing I’ve heard since WWII ended!”
  • The daughter of plantation slave, born and raised on a South Carolina plantation. She had some incredible stories to tell.

Everyone has their own story, and if you take time to listen they’re all fascinating. My only wish is that nursing could be more bedside-focused and less computer-intensive. I spend more time checking little boxes in automated forms than I do face to face with my patients. Nursing informatics needs a makeover, and hospitals need to revamp staffing to get nursing back to what it was meant to be – patient advocacy, caretaking, not robotic box-checking.

Mind. blown.

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