Book review: Clinical Coach

Clinical Coach for Nursing Excellence

I wish I’d had Clinical Coach for Nursing Excellence when my instructor recommended it for my senior preceptorship. But I was a struggling student then, with lots of debts and little income. Now that I’m a little farther into my career, I’m glad I spent the few dollars to purchase it. There are 2 chapters that are specifically helpful – one on pharmacology & pathophysiology that brings the two disciplines together for clinical practice; and another on frequently seen diagnoses. These two chapters help to put the clinical signs and symptoms into context and provide a framework to understand the disease process, underlying conditions, and both the intended effect and side effect of interventions. Very helpful.

That said, I wish I could remove those 2 chapters from the binding (maybe I could…) and take them with me without the rest of the book. Several of the other chapters are really geared toward nursing students rather than nurses, and some are focused on outdated processes, like paper charting. What I learned from those two relevant chapters though was well worth the price of the book. And as my husband said, no one wants to have clinical mediocrity (as opposed to the clinical excellence suggested in the title).


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