Six years ago today Little Man was born. 3 weeks early, but through what must have been the easy labor and delivery ever. He was easy going then, and he’s still easy going today.

Little Man is truly a gift – he lights up a room by walking into it. He can befriend anybody in no time flat. He knows everything there is to know about dinosaurs, planets, Lego Ninjago, and Star Wars. He’s an awesome brother. He’ll earn his green belt in Tae Kwan Do this week. He wears his heart on his sleeve – he’s not afraid to tell you how much he likes you, how pretty you are, or how glad he is to be spending time with you (watch out, ladies!). When we’re sitting at bedtime reading a story, he likes to run his little fingers through my hair.  And the things that come out of his mouth are priceless. Just today:

“My 3 favorite things are God, Jesus, and Legos.” (That’s the trinity, right? Father, Son, and Holy Bricks?)

He came home today wearing a paper “Happy Birthday” crown that his teacher made for him, and all the kids in his kindergarten class signed. Love that. Instead of a birthday party with friends, the whole family went out to see The Muppets at the Studio Movie Grill – it’s a restaurant-movie theater, where every seat is at a table facing the screen, and waiters come to take your order. There’s a full menu, complete with strawberry lemonade, chicken nachos, milkshakes… Between the movie and the experience of dinner at the ‘theatre’ it was an awesome day.

Little Man went to bed tonight with only a little regret. “Tomorrow it won’t be my birthday anymore.” But he sure did have a great day today.


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