The 15-app hitlist for Kindle Fire

I’ve now had my Kindle Fire forever for enough days to figure out what’s great and what’s not. Here’s my run-down of the apps I consider must-have.

  1. WiFi Analyzer: Locate the strongest network connections around you, then you can go into your Settings panel to connect to an open network.
  2. HootSuite: Update Twitter and Facebook from the same place (even multiple profiles if you have em), and you can set it up to give you notifications of mentions!
  3. Wikidroid: Wikipedia, formatted perfectly for mobile. Help kids answer those tricky homework questions, like when was the First Sino-Japanese War, What was the Soyuz TMA-22, and why Demi Moore leave Ashton Kucher?
  4. SketchBook: Release your inner artist!
  5. Angry Birds: Need I say more?
  6. iStoryBooks: Full color picture books, with a rotating selection in both fiction and non-fiction, and it will read them to your kids. Out loud.
  7. Grocery iQ: Create and save grocery lists for different stores, it sorts your lists by section (produce, dry goods, dairy). Check things off as you find them so you can easily see what you missed. Email lists to hubbs, create lists online… It’s awesome.
  8. Evernote: I’ve been told that once I get used to it I won’t be able to live without it. Maybe I’m just not that sophisticated. It is handy for keeping track of notes, lists, and such. And you can sync it with an online account.
  9. ES File Explorer: Want to be able to see your files (documents, pictures, other downloads) in a PC-like folder format instead of the Fire’s bookshelf? Use this.
  10. Hulu+: You’ll need the subscription from Hulu+ to be able to use it, but the app itself is free. And it works. Watch streaming video of your favorite shows. They say you can watch movies on it too, but I double dare you to find a decent movie on the system.
  11. Netflix: Again, if you have the subscription, you’ll be able to use the free app. Now this does have good movies, but only the ones that are available to Watch Instantly (very limited selection). And you’ll need to be on a strong network, since the content is streaming.
  12. The Weather Channel: I think this comes already loaded. But, click on the hourly forecast and you’ll know exactly when the rains are coming.
  13. Dinner Spinner: Tell it some basic info, and it’ll find suggestions for what to cook based on your input. Don’t be fooled – it isn’t just dinner. We’re talking beverages, desserts, breads – the whole shabang.
  14. ESV Bible: Who needs to lug around a giant Bible when you can have it instantly on your phone? For free. The app lets you highlight, bookmark, and make notes. If you’re looking for a different language, or different version than ESV, try YouVersion – most of the same functionality, and with tons of options. I’ve tried their Romanian, Russian, and English Bibles.
  15. Pulse: It’s one of the apps that comes on your Fire pre-loaded. But make sure you customize it. Get rid of the stuff you don’t use and add the things you’ll read. Great place to find all your news in one spot.

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