Necessity is the mother of invention

At our house Friday night is dessert night, and as you can well imagine, the kids are really into it. So when I realized at 5:30 this afternoon that not only did I not have dessert, but I also didn’t have anything to make dessert with, I nearly panicked. The only sweet thing I had in the house (that wouldn’t require an hour or more of my time to bake) was hot cocoa mix. And since they’d had hot cocoa with snack after school it didn’t make sense to make that dessert.

So I threw a few things together and created (drum roll please!) soft pretzels with chocolate peanut butter for dipping. Alas, it was eaten so quickly I only got 1 blurry shot.

Here’s the ‘recipe’ (if you want to call it that)

Soft Pretzels

Break apart sections from 1 can of pillsbury refrigerated breadsticks. Roll each one between your hands to create a ‘rope’ and then twist it into a pretzel shape. The way I did it was to create a circle where the ends overlapped into a tail, twist the tail once and then fold it over the circle. Actually, Bean (age 7) did most of that. Sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar (I think next time I’d brush with an egg wash to get that crispy pretzel outside). Bake at 375 for 13 minutes – the instructions on the can say 10-13 minutes, but since the pretzels are bulky when folded they need the full 13 minutes. Voila!

Cocoa peanut butter

Throw 3-4 TBS hot cocoa mix into a bowl with a splash of whipping cream and 2-3 TBS peanut butter. Microwave 20 seconds, or until it’s soft enough to be mixable. Mix till well combined. As it sits it’ll firm up again into a spreadable, less goopy mess – perfect for dipping.

Sorry, no pictures of this one. Tummies were quicker than lenses.


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