DIY Spider costume!

Little Man wanted to be a ghost. Talk about a happy mama! All I needed was a sheet, scissors, a black marker, and about 10 minutes. But as 5-yr olds tend to do, he changed his mind. About a gazillion times. Until he settled on being a spider for Halloween. It was a little more advanced than a ghost, but still doable. Here’s my little spider:

Let’s take a minute to note that (a) I am no seamstress, (b) I plugged in my sewing machine for the first time this week, and (c) I am far from being detail-oriented.

Given my novice sewing skills, this was a stretch. But, here’s how I did it:

I bought a black sweatshirt, black sweatpants, and a long sleeve black t-shirt at the thrift store.

I cut the arms off the long sleeve t-shirt and used them as a template to cut another set of arms out of the body of the shirt.

Seamed the new sleeves, and turned them all inside out to close the ‘hand’ ends. Sewed the top half of the top opening in place where I wanted the new arms to be.

Stuffed all the arms (except the original sweatshirt arms) with old socks and scrap fabric, then finished sewing them in place. Used jewelry beading clear thread to connect the arms so that when Little Man raises his arms, the other arms come up too.

When all that was done, I used puffy glow-in-dark fabric paint to create a web on the front, and then coated that with silver glitter. Finally, I sewed some white and black felt eyes onto an old black hat, and voila!

Update: The beading floss used to attach his arms broke more than once. In the end, I realized that the stress on it is lower and the overall costume effect is greater if I attach it at the ‘hand’ end of the arms rather than the elbow area. That way the artificial arms mimic his real arms, and stress on the floss is unidirectional. Seems to help.


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