DIY Halloween costume: Kitty Cat

Bean wanted to be a cheerleader for Halloween and that was fantastic – we had the cheerleader outfit collecting dust in the dress-up box. Easy. Perfect. Till I checked the weather. Silly me – first halloween since moving from Florida and I realized that weather is actually a concern. I found a cute kitty cat costume online, but since it was last minute and all, Bean’s size was sold out.

A trip to the thrift store landed me a winter white sweater and a fuzzy black long sleeve, long legged unitard (jumpsuit?). With scissors and my brand spankin new sewing machine, I turned all of that (plus felt for ears) into this:

Ignore the white fuzzies on the floor… The sweater sheds…

Ignore the non-photogenic furniture – I needed the light for the shot.

Isn’t she cute??? The whole costume, felt included, cost $7. And I have the satisfaction of knowing I made it myself. And the sleep deprivation from deadlines stacked on top of each other to make my eye twitch. It’s hard to sew when your eye is twitching.


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