Halloween baking time

When the mom of an only child bakes super cute treats for the preschool party, it’s adorable. When the mom of two does it, it’s ambitious. When the mom of 3 still hasn’t learned that she can get away with store-bought ready-made treats, you have to wonder why she doesn’t learn.

For Bruiser’s “fall” party tomorrow (since “Halloween” is taboo in schools these days), I volunteered to bring not one, but two home-made cutesy treats. (What was I thinking?)

Here we have Witch Fingers:

These are super easy – refrigerated Pillsbury breadsticks with an almond on the end. If I’d been ambitious I would have added some green food coloring, re-rolled the dough, and had ghoulishly green witch fingers. But instead of ambitious, I was busy. And I’m ok with that.

Next I made Mummies:

I used a pastry bag to drizzle melted white chocolate around pretzel rods, and then added mini chocolate chips for eyes. The ‘recipe’ said to dip the pretzel rods in regular melted chocolate first, but I’m thinking the dozen or so three year olds won’t miss the extra dose of chocolate, and their moms will be quite happy I left out the added sugar.

Now, I’m off to finish the spider costume I started for Little Man, and finish the kitty cat costume I’m working on for Bean. Glutton for punishment? Or just overestimating the number of hours in a day? (Pictures of the costumes to come later… closer to ‘last minute’…)


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