Settling in

We moved in 6 months ago and, while our house is definitely homey and ‘ours’, it doesn’t look like it yet. There are still plenty of things that don’t have homes – some days I’m tempted to call it clutter. Other days it seems more like the normal output of a family with 3 kids under age 8.

Last weekend I bought 2 seagrass area rugs at a friend’s garage sale. It’s really amazing how an area rug can make a room seem more homey. Then I started looking for a solution to organize all the necklaces laying cluttered on my dresser. My original solution was a shoebox under the bed – but they kept getting tangled so I’d lay them out on the dresser. Hence, clutter. Problem identified, in step Pinterest. Have you seen pinterest? It’s like an online bulletin board to organize and share pictures and ideas. I found all these ideas to hang jewelry on magnetic boards, framed bulletin boards, and so forth. With a handful of ideas I added my own – I pulled out a bunch of shower curtain loops and hooked them into the slats of my closet door. Now we have this:


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