3? Really?

Yesterday this little treasure turned 3. Can you believe it? I can’t. Bruiser was just learning to walk yesterday! Or so it seems…

Today was a different story though. Today we took him and Little Man to the neurologist. Today we started Bruiser on anti-seizure meds.  The same anti-seizure meds that caused Little Man to stop talking, stop smiling, and stop laughing for more than 5 months. I’m looking forward to see what tomorrow brings. We have Bruiser scheduled for an EEG, and both boys are up for MRIs of the brain. Bruiser has no idea what’s coming, but Little Man listened carefully to the conversation with the neurologist and pumped me with questions on the way home. What’s an EEG? What’s an MRI? Why do we have to go the hospital? Will I get a shot? (I gracefully side-stepped that one, not wanting to burden his already anxious mind with images of the IV.) What’s a neurologist and why do I have to see him? Why doesn’t Bean have to see him?

Fun conversations, and just the tip of the iceberg today. Here’s Little Man, monkeying around to entertain everyone on Bruiser’s birthday:


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