We’re in!

Did I tell you we moved? After over a year and a half squatting at my parents house (thank you, again, mom and dad!), hubbs got a great job in Atlanta and 1 week ago we moved the whole troop up. I hereby dub Roswell, Georgia as the friendliest city ever! Everyone we meet is eager to help us settle in, offer directions and insider advice, and extend their welcome. We’re loving it.

If I ever finish unpacking boxes I just might share some inside pictures with you – but that’s a big if! We’re awash in boxes, and we’re still finding furniture to put everything in – dressers, bookshelves, occasional tables and such. It’s hard to unpack when I don’t have anything to unpack into – other than piles on the floor or other boxes!

The kids love it. We have a great backyard, we’re right next to a cul-de-sac, the house is 2-story plus a basement, and each child has their own room. Little Man gently kicked me out of his last night when it was time to put on his jammies. It would seem that 5 years olds need their privacy.


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