Back on the roller coaster

Until last night, Bruiser had been seizure free (or nearly so) for a year and half. His seizures were so bad when we lived overseas that we had to move back to the US just to find him proper medical care. Funny that almost immediately after relocating state-side his seizures stopped.

In January he had 1 seizure-like episode that I brushed under the rug – it wasn’t severe enough for me to be convinced that he was having seizure activity again. But last night there were 2. The first was minor, but the second was intense. It ended before the critical 3-minute mark, so we didn’t need to call paramedics. But today we start again – trips to the pediatrician and neurologist, which will be followed with MRI and EEG, and then we’ll see…

There’s a temptation to fall into the ‘woe is me’ attitude. But I’m reminded that God is faithful. He’s been faithful to us before, and He’ll be faithful to us again.  While the return of the seizures may come as a shock to me, it doesn’t surprise God in the least. He is aware, He knew it was coming, and He relocated us to Atlanta – where our favorite pediatric neurologist is – just in time for this.


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