The leg bone’s connected to the hip bone…

Unfortunately that isn’t enough for me to pass anatomy and physiology. I’m taking A&P, Statistics, and a couple easy classes. But the A&P on its own should be a 12 credit hour class. The amount of studying required to learn all the itsy bitsy parts of all our itsy bitsy parts is incredible. Impossible. I never thought I’d meet a subject that was un-learnable. I mean, really. I’m the girl who learned Russian so I could read Dostoevsky in the original language. I’m the girl who dropped out of her first college because it was too easy, and kept searching to find one of the toughest liberal arts colleges around. I’m the girl who wrote a thesis on the political implications of Shostakovich’s 5th symphony. Why? Because no other scholar had taken that angle on research yet.

I thought statistics was hard. Well, I still think it’s hard. But at least it’s learnable. Anatomy & physiology? Not so much. Especially not while learning statistics and working and packing for a move and parenting 3 kids. I’m drowning here. Life vest? Anyone?


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