The things kids say

Bruiser is the best. Really, he has so much personality and he isn’t afraid to use it! Just shy of 3 years old, here are a few of his crazy stream of consciousness thoughts:

On seeing a tire in the grass by the side of the road: “Aw, that’s so sad.” (said while sulking and shaking his head) And why was it sad? “Because it should be on a race car!”

When asked by a little boy if he’s 4 years old: “YES! I AM 4 years old! And I’m pregnant too!”

When Gramma said “night-night, pumpkin”, Bruiser responded with: “Night-night kitchen” – because if gramma can call him a random noun, he can dish it right back out.


One thought on “The things kids say

  1. that’s hilarious!!! CAmi actually got married today to our neighbor, and jack was thankful that he could send the six yr. old the bill for her clothes, etc. i love watching and listening to them during the day, but the nightime is a whole different story.


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