Today is a day that will live in infamy. For me, at least.

I enrolled both my boys in full-time daycare, starting Monday, January 3rd. On Monday I’m increasing my workload to full time. The boys will be in school full-time, and I’ll be sending Bean to after school care a few times a week.

That means I am officially a working mom. Well, I’ve been a half-hearted working mom for a while now, but I was always working part-time and trying to hold on to the Stay At Home Mom title for as long as possible. I kind of thought it was better that way.

It got to the point where I was doing mediocre work, and mediocre parenting. Nothing was being done well. The hope is that my kids will all get really good care through the day, and when they’re at home I’ll actually be with them – not dividing my attention between them and a computer screen.

Maybe it’ll make things better. Maybe my kids won’t feel so neglected. Maybe my work will be more consistent. Maybe. Now, excuse me while I jump of this cliff.

Wait. Before I jump I need to take one last foray into Stay at Home Mom-ness. Excuse me while I bake cookies from scratch, knead some bread dough, build Legos, work on subtraction facts, and fashion an intricate castle out of beech wood I whittled while churning butter. And then I’ll tackle that cliff.


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