Right now…

Little man is running through the house in my shoes. Precarious, at best.

Bruiser and his fever are building Legos with hubbs – you’d be amazed how well my 2-year old can build with Legos. Not duplos, mind you. He’s great with those too. But he can build some serious creations with little itty bitty Legos.

Bean is on hubbs’ computer playing games. Probably at Barbie.com.

And these lovely things are drying on my kitchen counter. Because I made Christmas cookies today.

As for the Christmas cookies, it was supposed to be a kids’ activity. We were going to spend a good part of the afternoon icing cookies together. Messy, but fun. But when we went to the store they were so horrible I resorted to the “If you can’t behave, you won’t be able to help me with cookies” threat. And they didn’t behave. And I had to honor my ‘promise.’ Hence, I made the Christmas cookies all by myself while Bean and Little Man begged to help. Here’s hoping they taste as good as they look!

(Recipe for the icing is here. Recipe for the cookies is here.) 🙂


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