Last minute homemade gifts

This post was meant to be posted about a year ago… Oops. Anyhow, I found myself at Christmas needing to make gifts for my brother and his wife. My budget was low, time was low, but I had little hands to help. So we made these:

They’re wine glass charms. I went to the local beading shop and told the lady what I wanted to do. She set me up with the wire and showed me how to bend it, then I collected different colored beads from around the store. I think I ended up spending about $12 and made a dozen charms. Well, scratch that. My kids made a dozen charms. I mostly delegated and coached…


2 thoughts on “Last minute homemade gifts

  1. Thanks Shanna! I actually just bought a couple tubes of colored beads at JoAnn Fabric yesterday and made another set of these for my aunt! I still go to the bead store for the wire though.


  2. this is a great idea!!! i’m only 13 but my dad would love these! i think i’ll have to make them as a birthday gift though because it’s like 2 days before Christmas and there’s no way for me to get to a craft store. Thank you for the idea though!!!!!!!


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