Game changer

Hubbs is working on his MDiv now, and loving classes. Sometimes he brings home really cool things to share. Today was one of those days. In his Pastoral Counseling class his professor has a 20-something year old son with autism. Apparently his brain function is closest to that of a 7-year old.

One day dad was riding a bike with his son – it’s a two-seater, so they’re both on the same bike – dad in the front, and son in the back. As they were going around a turn the back wheel hit a patch of sand and started to slide. Dad leaned out of it to keep the bike up, but his son panicked and leaned toward the ground, struggling against dad. Dad finally brought them to a wobbly stop and turned to his son. With an angry face his son said “Dad! Don’t you ever do that to me again!”

The point of the story is that we’re all spiritually autistic. When we hit a patch of sand, God is in control. But so often we struggle against Him, fighting to regain control on our own – and remarkably mistaken. And we have the audacity to challenge the Creator of the universe – Why would you do that to me? Don’t put me through that again!

Hearing that was a game changer for me. How easy it is to think that I call the shots. “Ok God, I’m through with this. Time to change the scene. Time to ‘fix’ this and make it all better. But in reality, I’m the spiritually autistic kid, struggling against God’s sovereignty, against His power, and against His plan.

It’s time to sit back and enjoy the ride. Sway with Him through those turns instead of against Him. It’s time to follow His lead.


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