Follow Friday

Do you tweet? I’m a closet twitter addict. I have the app on my phone and anytime something remotely interesting happens I think to myself, “I need to tweet that.” I don’t say it out loud, mind you. People might think I was addicted. And I’m not. I promise. Maybe I should tweet that.

Anyhow, there’s this great meme on Twitter called FollowFriday. On Friday, tweeps (that means twitter peeps, or people, for you Twitter virgins out there) tweet about the tweeps they like, and often give tweasons to twollow them… Sorry, a little carried away here.

Anyhow, in true twitter fashion, I thought this Friday I’d share with you some of my favorite blogs. I asked for recommendations a while back and a few of you pitched in with great suggestions. Thanks for those! And for those of you who read the question and didn’t make suggestion, I forgive you. And my feelings will recover. I digress.

Here it is:

Owlhaven – adoptive mom to many, cook, and frugal goddess. And published author.

Pioneer Woman – does she really need an introduction?

This Woman’s Work – a mom who writes professionally. and well.

Everyday Mommy – homeschooling mom challenging women everywhere to examine their faith with purpose. And awesome graphic designer (see my header? She did that.)

McMamma – Way cool mom with 5 kids. Makes my head spin to think about it.

MegHMiller – Another mom. Going through adoption. Great perspective.

The Truest Thing – Yet another cool mom blog. Fair warning: her blog plays music. Good music, but still. I hate blog music. Doesn’t stop me from loving her blog though!

Now, for those of you who didn’t pitch in the first time around, now’s your chance to make it right! Comment below and tell me what blogs you love! (And please do tell me if you have your own blog that I either haven’t discovered, or I discovered it pre-overseas move in which I lost all bookmarks for the fantastic blogs I used to follow).


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