Searching for a few good blogs

I used to love to read blogs. I had a list of blogs I followed regularly. But as it is in the blogosphere, several of them discontinued their blogs. Others, I just plain lost due to a failure to keep track of what they were went I switched from one feed reader to another. My mistake.

So, if you have a blog, comment and tell me what it is so I can check it out. If you read a blog that you love, tell me what it is. Right now the only ones I read are work-related. Seth Godin, Social Media Examiner…

I’m looking for something more personal. Less business-y. Shout it out, ya’ll!


5 thoughts on “Searching for a few good blogs

  1. Hey Michael & Susan – Loved meeting you this morning! Susan’s blog is awesome – I’ll have to add it to my list on Google Reader. And that family traveling? All I can say is wow. 🙂


  2. Hey guys! We met you at Redeemer Presbyterian church this morn. We just moved here and it’s wonderful to meet other believers in the marketing arena.

    Susan is really into the social media and we both like this blog about a family that is traveling all over the world:

    And, of course, I have to plug Susan’s homeschooling blog:

    Looking forward to fellowship with you!

    Michael & Susan


  3. No, Deanna, not a hint. But thanks for the reminder to check out your blog… The password protection on it means that my blogreader doesn’t feed it to me, so I actually have to t.y.p.e. in the address to visit… 😉

    And thank you very much Kimberly – I just headed over to and I love it! New bloggy love!


  4. check out
    she’s a Christian with four children and another on the way. the youngest was critically ill with heart issues, but God used some awesome doctors by providing them with some very progressive surgical ideas and he was healed. now she mainly blogs about life with young children, how to share your faith in a skeptical world, and family challenges. she’s a fabulous photographer and often gives mini lessons on her blog as well.


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