Paradigm shift in foster care

Years ago I read about a church in Woodstock Georgia that was disheartened by the foster care problem in their county. In fact, they were so moved that they made it their mission to provide sufficient foster families for all the kids in the county. And if memory serves correctly, they did. I always wondered how they did that, and what would happen if more churches took that approach.

Last week I came across Faith Bridge – they’re turning the way foster care is done upside down. It’s a church based model that connects families in a community-centric model. The goal is keep foster kids from moving around so much by provide support networks for foster families. How cool is that? I’m not sure if they’re behind that Woodstock, Georgia story I read, but I know they work in and around Woodstock now.

I never thought foster parenting would be something I could handle. But if I were in a community like this, I think I just might…


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