When friends move on…

Over the last few years I’ve been the friend moving on. I’ve left dear friends behind in Georgia and Moldova. And there’s something about being the mover that makes it a little easier. When you move away, you close a chapter on relationships – they aren’t gone, but they won’t be a short drive away anymore. You won’t be able to meet them for dessert or make a quick trip to the park with them.

But what makes that bearable is the forward-thinking aspect of it. As you walk away from some, you’re walking straight into the lives of others. Facing new obstacles. Exploring new adventures. And the missing is easier because there are new distractions.

This week I was on the left behind side though. My only friend – yes, I know that’s pathetic – my only local friend who I have playdates with and meet for coffee on random occasions just moved away. Being left behind is worse than doing the leaving.

So, to Linda, I worry about you in your new place. Don’t forget I’m a phone call away. And to my friends that I left behind, I miss you too and I’m ever so sorry I wasn’t better about picking up the phone. I still miss you.


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