Customer Service Feedback

Dear folks in the service department at Billy Howell Ford (Cumming, Georgia):

It was so nice to receive your check in the mail today for $124.42. It would have been even nicer had it come with an apology for the initial swindle. See, we were skeptical from the start when you quoted us over $1900 for a repair that any legitimate shop would have done for $1300. I suppose we didn’t get off to a good start.

But then, when we told you not to do the repair – just fix the brakes to make the car driveable to the next service shop – you charged us for parts that you never installed in our car. When we called to inform you of the discrepancy, you failed to feign the slightest bit of surprise – cluing us in to the likelihood that this wasn’t an isolated incident. I imagine you do this often. Nor did you offer an apology. Who knows? Maybe your car sales aren’t doing so well in this economy so you need to develop other revenue channels. I sympathize. Really, I do. I just don’t think lying, cheating, and stealing are good business practices.

You can be double-dog sure that you’ll never see me again.

To the decent, honest mechanics and car-people in the world:

I know you exist. But where are you hiding? Curious minds want to know.

To everyone in the north Atlanta vicinity:

Avoid the service shop at Billy Howell Ford. They’ll eat you for breakfast if you give ’em the chance.


2 thoughts on “Customer Service Feedback

  1. I purchase a new 2011 F350 from Billy Howell Ford – It has been an absolute nightmare and their service department is exactly what you stated. Buyer Beware!! I will never give them 1 red cent again and I hope no boddy else does either.


  2. We have happily used Christian Brother’s over in the Suwanee/Sugar Hill area….don’t know if there is one in Cumming, but it may be worth checkign into. There’s one in Dacula that friends have been happy with, too…which is what prompted us to check into the one we used. Good luck!


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