Summer fun

Well, apparently more free time didn’t translate into frequent blog posts. But with Bruiser sleeping and Bean reading to Little Man, now’s as good a time as any to share some thoughts.

Summer has been fun for us. We’re on our 2nd VBS, and kids are loving it. They came home today telling me about Peter being bit by a poisonous snake, but it didn’t make him sick because God is in control! Gotta love conversations like that.

And then there’s this song on the VBS CD. It’s the hokey-pokey, but the words are different. Something to the effect of “I give my heart to Jesus and I turn myself around…” I’m not sure I agree theologically with the principle that a decision to be a disciple of Jesus is equivalent to doing the hokey-pokey. But I guess when they’re taking my kids for 3 hours a day, entertaining them, and trying to make complex truths understandable and interesting to kids as young as 4, I’ll cut them a little slack.

We’ve also discovered an aquarium that we love. It’s the Mote in Sarasota. It’s not your typical tourist trap. The whole thing is built around sustainability and animal recovery. A lot of the aquarium is outside and the focus is heavily on environmental responsibility. Oh, and the kids all touched stingrays.

We found that while Bean doesn’t like to perspire or do much of anything outdoors, she has an uncanny ability to hit a baseball. I don’t think we’d be able to get her to run the bases, even if bribed with ice cream. So baseball may not be in her future. But man, that girl can make contact and send it!

And having updated you, I’ll leave you with a couple pictures.

Can you believe how big they are? Me neither.

Here they are hugging a baby parasaurolophus just hatching from an egg at Dinosaur World. Really cool place. We realized after we took this shot that this cute parasaurolophus my kids are draping themselves over is a trash can.

And here’s hubbs feeding Bruiser to a T-rex. No worries though. T-rex wasn’t hungry that day.

Hope ya’ll are enjoying your summer as much as we are.


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