Movin’ on


He leaves tomorrow morning, on his way to Atlanta to start his new job on his birthday. We aren’t breaking out the champagne and lease agreements yet – so far he’s only been offered a 2-week contract with potential to become permanent. And another interview or two on the horizon. We’re pretty confident that we’ll be relocating the fam to Atlanta in June, when school finishes for the kids.

And the really great news? I get to cut back on my hours. And see my kids again! And who knows… maybe that will mean I actually blog on occasion…

Little Man is doing Dinosaur ABCs now – he goes through the alphabet and names a dinosaur for each letter.

Bean turned 6.

6, people.



And Bruiser turned 2. And he talks. I mean really. We discuss nuclear physics and Baroque counterpoint. Ok, maybe not. But he’s close. He can say brachiosaurus and he asks for cookies morning, noon, and night. And he repeats. everything. we. say.

So, we’re loosely planning a move in about a month. More like 6 weeks. Loosely. And seriously, seriously thankful for Hubbs’ new job.


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