Where we’re at

We’re still squatters at my parents’ house, loving the weather in Florida and having fun playing on the local non-competitive soccer league (I’m officially a minivan driving soccer mom).We’re waiting for the pool to warm up, and just about to start swim lessons at the Y. And Bean is Student of the Month at her elementary school this month. Pretty cool.

Hubbs is headed up to Atlanta after spring break to see about finding a job there – he has 1 interview lined up so far, and I think there’s another in the works. As for me, I have 3 part time gigs of varying commitment levels. Juggling 3 jobs makes it kinda tough to update the blog, so here I am – writing an average of 1 post a month. It is what it is.

The plan is to move back to Atlanta when hubbs has a job. And scale back on my hours so I can be with my kids. And grow vegetables in the backyard and bake bread from scratch. And re-learn how to make crafts with my kids and build Lego dinosaurs and play ball in the backyard. Until then, I’ll keep up with the jobs. And continue to tell the kids “Not now” and “Maybe later.” And that reticence in my voice? Yeah, that’s another reason I don’t blog much anymore. But no worries. We’re good here. It’s not our ideal place, but it’s good. And for now, that works just fine.

4 thoughts on “Where we’re at

  1. wow cathy, good to hear from you and see your face and the family. i would love to catch up soon. i will keep praying.


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