Why I love PetSmart

It’s not just the fun kiddos have looking at fish and small animals at the ‘suburban zoo’ – it’s the people.

For instance, yesterday. We went into PetSmart and a lovely woman asked if we’d like help. Bean piped up and said, “Why, yes, we would!” And much to my surprise, she very politely asked the woman if they carry any leprechaun traps.

Now, just any saleswoman might snicker, look away, or tell my kid she’s very sorry, but that isn’t the type of pet they cater to in this store. But she wasn’t just any saleswoman. She said to my Bean, “Sure we do. We keep them right over here in this aisle. Follow me please!” And when she brought us to the bird aisle where there were all sorts of cages, she looked Bean straight in the eye and offered to help us choose the right kind of leprechaun trap if we’d like her help.

Great people, great store.


2 thoughts on “Why I love PetSmart

  1. Great salespeople. She must have been thinking fast on her feet. “OOOh, if I show this sweet little girl a leprechaun trap, she’ll be convinced it will work, ask her mommy to buy it, and score! a sale for a small bird cage.”
    Hopefully, she’s just a sweet lady that knows kids. I’m being pessimistic today, can you tell?!


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