How $1.10 saved my sanity

On a whim on Saturday I took the whole family to a garage sale. It isn’t something we normally do – I can’t handle the chaos of a garage sale with hubbs in the background rolling his skeptical eyes, Bruiser doing his best to break everything, and Little Man and Bean playing the “I want that!” game. But Saturday I gave in. There were a couple tweens waving signs and I was hooked.

I walked away from the garage sale with a spiderman costume that Little Man has hardly taken off since Saturday, and a plastic dinosaur with moving parts – I think it’s a t-rex. And this.

Watch how Bean pushes Bruiser ever so gently on the swing.

See why I love it? Bean comes home from Kindergarten and takes her books out to the swingset. She reads them on the swing on or on the little picnic bench on the side. The kids love, love, love it. I don’t know how I survived without it.

And I can’t believe they just let me drive up, dissemble it, and take it away – for free. It was a great garage sale, and I’m so happy with my $1.10 expense.


3 thoughts on “How $1.10 saved my sanity

  1. WOW!!! What a blessing to the family! Congratulations!

    How long did the disassemble/reassemble process take? And were you ready to spit nails before it was over?? P and I have discovered two sure trials to our marriage: moving furniture and decorating a Christmas Tree. I do believe assembling a play set would throw me right over an edge!!

    I’m thrilled for you and the kids,


  2. Holy Schmoly! What an amazing blessing. My parents bought us a swing-set (or jungle-gym, as they were once called) and for nearly 10 years, we scampered all over that thing. It was a pirate ship, a castle, a forest, a mountain, a fort and a 1,000 other things. What a great find!!!!! ~ L


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