Did I tell you I started the boys in preschool? Little Man is 4, going 3 half-days a week, and Bruiser is 1 going 2 half-days a week. They love it. I love it. I now have 2 mornings a week when I can accomplish something that stimulates my brain. So here it is. What I’ve been up to in the last week since they started school.

I finished reading Owlhaven‘s book on large families (and loved it) and started reading Seth Godin’s book on marketing. In case you missed the subtle hint there – I can read now!

I tried a new recipe for guacamole from Pioneer Woman‘s cookbook – Yum! I will say, I add a smidgen of mayo to my guac – it makes it a little creamier and gives it a hint of zing. Subtle hint – I can cook with creativity now!

I started working on a new skill I want to develop. Knitting and crochet? Simple. And often unrewarding… but maybe that’s because I get lazy with it. I digress. I’ve started trying to spin my own yarn! Hubbs got me a drop spindle and roving (that is, raw wool from alpacas) and I’ve been trying to beat it into submission make it do what I want and spin some yarn from it. I have some Mongolian yak fiber too – can’t wait to work with that… I find it somewhat bizarre that I’m discussing alpaca and yak fiber. But I can! My kids are all at school right now!

Well, I’ve been ind of productive too. Did some work for our new company. Scored a new client. Did some editing for another freelance gig. That’s what preschool did for me.

Much different than our experience a year ago with a similar development. Love being back in the US of A.


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