Happy new year!

Well, folks, 2010 is off to a better start than 2009. So I call it – this is going to be a better year!

Bean went back to kindergarten today after her 2 week holiday break, and I’m singing and dancing on the inside. Little Man has a place registered for him to start part-time preschool at the end of the week, so he’ll be able to make friends for the first time in over a year. He desperately misses friends. In fact, it was so bad that for his 4th birthday last month the only people he wanted to invite were friends from Georgia – from over a year ago.

And hubbs and I started a business. We do what we do best – interactive marketing, writing, and online engagement for businesses. We have a bustling client list that seems to keep growing. And thanks to my friend Elizabeth, I have a new freelance gig too.

So far so good. Now, wanna see what I’ve been doing lately?

All smilesChristmas morning – mostly all smiles

Fun timesDecember in Florida – fun times with Uncle Rob & Aunt Casey

Christmas at Sea WorldEven Bruiser was excited to see Shamu in a Santa hat!

Here’s to an awesome new decade! Cheers!


2 thoughts on “Happy new year!

  1. Hello my friend,
    So glad to hear that the business is growing. I know how you feel about school. The girls started today. Yipee! Our christmas went wonderfully. We got a dog last weekend. Poor thing, he was rescued from a puppy mill and we got him from a shelter. He is a 6 yr. old toy poodle and we named him Theodore Bartholomew(Teddy B.) for short. He is doing fine. Very fearful and standoffish. Anyway, just been thinking about you lately. Let’s talk soon,


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