DIY stinks

Ever have one of those times when things just aren’t going your way? It’s 8 days till Christmas and the remainder of gifts that I haven’t bought are meant to be hand made by me. Several of them today. And this is what I get for waiting till the last minute.

First, I’m making truffles. They’ll be boxed with 6 per box and given to Bean’s teachers and a few friends. But they aren’t coming out as planned. I put the boiler on too high to melt the chocolate coating and now my smooth milk chocolate is a grainy, bumpy mess. I got nearly enough good truffles for the teachers, but I’m hoping I can salvage my chocolate later. What do you think?

See the one missing? It was yummy. I meant to edit that out, but hey, we’re all friends here, right?

Then, I found the cutest idea at one a do it yourself site for a really creative (and easy and cheap!) photoblock. I got all excited, bought all the supplies I needed and printed my photo. But tell me, what would you do if you got a gift that looked like this?

I’m guessing you’d either (a) book your trip to the fun house at the local fair to see if your gift captured the essence of you looking in a fun house mirror, (b) chuck it in the trash (or recycling bin, since you know how long glass takes to biodegrade), or (c) politely say thank you and then rush to hide it in the attic until the gift-giver came for a visit, at which point you’d pull it out and put it in a prized place on the mantle? I think I’d probably go with A and B. And then I’d feel compelled to fight my way through a thank you note. Yikes.

So the question we end with today is, do I wrap it and tell them I made them a cute kitchy gift that they’re welcome to use as a bookend in a secluded place in the house? Or trash it for them and let my gift be unburdening them from the hassle of feeling obligated to express appreciation for a hideous, heavy chunk of glass?

Now if you’ll excuse me. I have to go shopping.


One thought on “DIY stinks

  1. okay, i totally get it. been there, done that with the truffles. yours look better than mine. you get an A+ for effort.


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