The rescuer

Little Man was laying on the floor playing with legos. He was on his tummy, with his legs from the knee down tucked under the couch. Bruiser walked in, saw that the couch was swallowing his big brother, and he literally ran to the rescue, with that cute little 18-month old run where his feet desperately try to keep up with the momentum of the rest of his body.

Bruiser went straight for the couch and pushed as hard as he could. When it didn’t budge he grabbed Little Man (much to Little Man’s dismay) and pulled and pulled. Little Man didn’t budge either. Bruiser began to cry – he couldn’t rescue his brother from the people-eating couch! It took some convincing, and then a lot of distracting to get Bruiser to calm down and let Little Man lie comfortably where he was. Eventually Little Man, with eyes rolling, pulled his legs out from under the couch, showed Bruiser that all was well in the world, and then replaced his legs under the sofa.

It was a welcome change from the typical sibling rivalry. In fact, it was good to see Bruiser concerned about him, since just the other day he refused to play ring-around-the-rosie if it meant holding Little Man’s hand.


One thought on “The rescuer

  1. I LOVE this descriptive post! I can literally visualize what happened. Love the part about the 18-month old run… 🙂


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