Fancy watches on Russian wrists

I don’t know about you, but ABC’s story today (that I found because people tweeted it) about Russian officials wearing ridiculously expensive watches was in my category of non-news. Having lived and traveled extensively in that part of the world, it doesn’t surprise me that Russian officials wear status symbols on their wrists. It doesn’t surprise me that they may have accepted them as bribes, that they give them away like candy, or that they might actually be able to afford them, given all the pies they have their thumbs stuck in.

What does surprise me is that any serious journalist would turn it into a story. Come on, people. Is anyone delusional enough to think that Russian officials exercise transparency, honesty, and integrity? Sure, there might be one or two – and it would be a much better story to find out which Russian officials (if any) have scruples, and if so, how on earth they got into their positions.


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