Friends? Are you there?

Can you hear me now?

These days I’m feeling a wee bit as if I had multiple personality disorder. Remember when I told you, say, about a week ago, that I was giving up on the family-friendly blog thing and moving on to a profit-driven online mumbo-jumbo geared to my job hunt?

Well, hubbs and I solved that problem. No jobs, at least not yet. But we’ve started a consultancy, and our little consultancy website gives me a place to put all those boring posts about, you know, the real world and stuff. Business, marketing, copywriting… blah, blah, blah…

So Mudlark Tales can return to what it was originally meant to be – a place to sit down over a cup of coffee and embarrass my children write about life.

Speaking of which, today I mentioned to hubbs that I’d take the boys with me when I was running errands, you know, “to get them out of your hair.” Bean replied, “But mama! He doesn’t have any hair!”

And my dad saw Bruiser put on one of Bean’s pretty headbands, so he taught him to say “gay.” Gee, thanks dad.

And Little Man? Well, he still shoots off scary things (like thunderstorms) with his imaginary quill of arrows, but as of today he can also pull off a very convincing Spiderman move. After which he announces nonchalantly, “Yeah, that’s my new Spiderman move. I just learned it.” (I think he actually picked up a Tarzan move from the Disney movie, but I suppose Spiderman could use it just as well.)

IMG_9479From Halloween – the dragon/dinosaur/aligator, the giraffe, and the witch.


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