Facebook pages work better than groups

Thanks to Jessica Lee for her post about the effectiveness of Facebook pages. Between SEO benefits and news feed postings, it’s hard to imagine why marketers wouldn’t use Facebook pages. Add to that the use of rich media and it means that you can publish video directly to the news feed and profile pages of all your fans.

Ben & Jerry’s, with close to a million fans, has a well-designed dynamic FB page, complete with pictures, frequent wall postings, and embedded links. All they’re missing is video.

Picture 2

With polling capability and Facebook’s page management system, complete with tracking and statistics, FB pages are much more useful than groups or even causes. Barack Obama’s page is only 2/3 as popular as Ben and Jerry’s, and Starbucks is about half as popular, even though they seem to have left it mostly static.

Picture 4

Picture 5The big question is, how many of their Facebook page visitors and fans translate into transactions – either online participation or actual revenue stream? Or have we moved past transaction thinking into a realm where traditional stats don’t tell the whole picture?


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