Fun giveaway!

FedEx showed up today and I ran to the door hoping it was the mysterious gift hubbs sent me for our anniversary – 7 wonderful years and counting! Alas, not my anniversary present, but instead the Merck Manual Home Health Handbook – almost as exciting. Not much can compare to a mystery gift, but this comes awfully close! I wanted to post a picture of the book, in its pretty package with orange shreds as packing filler, but it seems that some dwarf has run off with my camera. Wait – scratch that. It seems that my dad has reclaimed his camera.

If you’ve been following Mudlark Tales for long, you probably know what I checked out first. Yep! I looked up seizures and was pleasantly surprised. They talk about all the major issues, giving special attention to anti-seizure medications. Then I looked up all sorts of things – multiple sclerosis, tuberculosis, vitamin D deficiency, ADHD, asthma (which has some really cool graphics for explanation), and vaccines, to name a few. Don’t be fooled by the mommy-blog take – this is not just for moms. The handbook covers birth to aging, including information on death and dying, DNR orders, and everything in between. It also has really helpful illustrations of the body, which I’m sure will come in handy as the kids get older and we talk about what the brain looks like or why ear tubes helped Little Man’s ear infections.

I can see how this would easily become my at-hand reference for everything health-related. Not only does it cover all the essential information about most any ailment, it also has good references for proper nutrition and even using nutrition to combat illness.

Let me forewarn you, it takes a purely scientific stance on autism and ADHD. Autism, it says, is not caused by vaccines. The rise in ADHD diagnoses could be due to a rise in occurrence or over-diagnosis. I happen to like people that stick to scientific studies, and stick to their guns without apology. Overall, it is very thorough, reader-friendly, and the helpful text boxes are a quick key-in to helpful information. Thanks to Merck for sending me a manual to giveaway to one of my fabulous readers – a $39.99 value!

So, here’s what you need to know. To enter, leave a comment about how you usually find information about health – do you google? call your RN sister? consult a magic 8 ball? actually ask your doctor? You can also enter by tweeting about the contest @kcozonac, or get an extra entry by reposting on your blog. Winner will be randomly chosen on Friday at noon, EST, by one of those randomizer thingys. And because I’m paying the shipping on this, I’m afraid I can only open it to residents of the US or Canada.


6 thoughts on “Fun giveaway!

  1. I ask Dr. Google. Sometimes I ask my pediatrician too, if it’s regarding my kid. But before and after asking a “real doctor” I consult Dr. Google.


  2. i have used an birth to 5 yr guide for my kids published by the academy of pediatrics. it has been very helpful with fevers, croup, etc. i also go to web md occasionally and i do resort to the dr. when i know that my ent can fix it. i rarley go to the pediatrician because most of my kids problems are related to their allergies.


  3. I usually use the interent to try and figure out what is wrong. i find it both helpful and misleading at the same time.


  4. The Merck Manual has been a standby for many generations in my family. I first heard of it when an aunt of my husband would refer to it. She was a registered nurse and this was the 60s. When I need to know something quickly, I usually Google . I have a son with Type I diabetes (controlled with an insulin pump) who also has an enlarged right ventricle (not related), regulated by a defibrillator. I also have two grandchildren with Tourette Syndrome. As these conditions have developed, all of us have relied on doctor’s diagnosis and then the Internet to supplement our knowledge. In spite of all this knowledge readily available at our fingertips, there is nothing like a book such as the Merck with so much information within its covers. Thank you for this post.


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