Random things I miss

Hubbs is back in Moldova and I’m in Florida with the kids. Not sure how long this health-imposed separation will last, but hopefully not much longer. I don’t need to tell you that I miss hubbs – that’s a no-brainer (read: I desperately miss hubbs!). But there are some other things I miss about our life in Moldova, things I’ve noticed just in the last couple of days.

Our hardwood floors. I was watching an old TV series that took place in Germany during the second World War, and the floors were identical to ours. In both the  apartments we lived in. Those were great floors.

The lady that sold me produce. I could trust that anything I bought from her would be amazing. Her peaches and apricots were worth traveling to Eastern Europe for. Tomatoes, cukes, onions, chili peppers, raspberries, cherries – this woman had the best of the best. She was late to arrive at the market, and she never had much, but whatever she had was great. I could also trust that the two ladies next to her on either side had terrible produce and overcharged for it. I don’t miss them.

Being a rock star. Well, not so much a rock star as a rock star mom. All I had to do was walk out the front door with my three kids and I was an instant celebrity (read: freak-show!). People in Moldova just don’t have kids that close together in age.

Walking. We walked everywhere, all the time. If we couldn’t walk it we’d take a trolley. I don’t so much miss trolleys though – they’re not the cool San Francisco type of trolley where you lean out the back and wave as if you’re in a 1940s musical (and for those of you who live in San Francisco, yes, I do know that my stereotypical image of your trolleys is equally incorrect). Moldovan trolleys are dirty and  crowded. But it’s where you feel the heartbeat of the people the best.

Entertaining. There’s something about ‘warm’ cultures that aren’t so task-oriented. They share meals together. They make time for tea. People get together for walks in the park. There’s more conversation, and talking about deeper topics. I miss having people over most nights of the week. I miss the conversations.

Kagor. If you’ve been to Moldova (and you’re not a traditional Pentecostal or Baptist…) you know what I’m talking about. For the rest of you, ask your local wine retailers if they carry Kagor from Moldova. If not, demand that they find it. You’ll thank me later.

Matryoshka dolls and enamel cookware. I’d decorate my home in these if I could. Seriously. Love. It.

And did I mention that hubbs is there and not here? He is. There, that is. Across and ocean and a continent. Doing some awesome stuff, but doing it without us. We miss him. Thank goodness for Skype – we’d be lost without it.


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