Mama has the crud

My mom read an article in the local paper this morning about infodemiology. Apparently ‘the powers that be’ are encouraging folks to use social media (like twitter, facebook, blogs, and more!) to announce to the world that they’re sick. I guess the reliability and accuracy of random people’s tweeting is good enough for epidemiologists. So here be me, as a public service, announcing that I have the crud.

Runny nose, cough, I think the fever is gone, but people sure did snicker at me when I walked into CVS in 96 degree heat with a double layer of wool sweaters on.

Over and out. While the boys sleep and the girl’s at kindergarten I’m off for a cozy nap. There ya go cyberbots, I’ve tapped in.


One thought on “Mama has the crud

  1. I’m so sorry. 😦 It’s just all bad when Mama is sick, and not fair to be in Florida and sick either. If I get in the car now, you can be eating brownie trifle in like 10 hours. Would that help?


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