Date night sure has changed

4:30 Friday night. “Hey hubbs, let’s have dinner early so we can go out after!”

5:00: Dinner – mamaliga with feta and sour cream, swedish meatballs with mushrooms, and fresh tomatoes.

5:30: Load all 3 kids into the car – even the screaming baby.

5:45: Stop at kids’ consignment store, I run in through the torrential downpour leaving rest of family sweltering in the car. Purchase gently used backpack that’s twice the size of my kindergartener, but just big enough for her first day supplies. Run back to car, delivering backpack to said kindergartener, and soaking rest of family as rain drips off me.

6:02: Stop at kitchen gadget store. Whole family goes in and purchases 2 grapefruit spoons for brother-in-law. Roam around store sounding like a broken record “hands to yourselves, don’t touch anything, no running, inside voices.” Wonder if the instruction to use inside voices means anything to them when I have to yell it over their competing excited voices.

6:26: Walk next door to Cork & Olive where there is a lovely wine tasting going on. Toddler and kindergartener sit in comfy leather chairs near the entrance, sipping chilled water and munching crackers. Hubbs carries baby around store as we speak in hushed voices about the hint of eucalyptus and delicate tanins of the Chilean pinot noir. Cheese and crackers. And oh, the surprisingly pleasant acidity and hint of French oak from the reisling is downright refreshing! Clear the palette with cheese and a cracker. Enjoy half a minute more of adult interaction only somewhat disturbed by baby crying.

6:46: Corral kids back into the car. Drown out the whining (maybe the wine helped with that a little). Drive home.

7:08: Begin putting kids to bed.

8:12: Movie night commences.


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