Countdown to the big mouse

When we scheduled this jaunt of ours to Florida my parents were generous enough to book a trip to Orlando to see, you guessed it, the Magic Kingdom. Disney. The big mouse. Princess haven. Home of Lightning McQueen. We’ll have a day and a half at Sea World too, where I can introduce my kids and hubbs to Shamu (who I really feel like I grew up with – he was a very important part of my childhood. Grew up with killer whale. Hm. Maybe not.)

Anyhow, we leave tomorrow afternoon for Orlando, and our first stop will not be the overpriced theme parks, but rather the outlet mall where we can visit the haven of havens, Coldwater Creek. It’s calling me home, baby. So we’ll save money purchasing items that we really don’t need to spend money on, before moving on to the theme parks on Monday that will completely rob our pockets of everything but that wooden nickel.

Luckily, we’ll be left at the end of 3 fabulous days with fantastic memories and hopefully a handful of great pictures. Tickets for 9: $808. Food for the journey: $412. Magical memories: Priceless.


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