Chicks and princesses

A week ago we sent Bean and Little Man to the village again to stay with “Tante Lora,” and 3 cousins. The cousins are all between 18 and 22 years old, so the kids had lots of good attention there.

IMG_0271Here’s Bean holding a baby chick.

IMG_0275And Little Man playing the drums.

The first thing Bean said to me when she got home was “Mama, Tante L0ra thinks I’m going to be a princess when I grow up. But that’s not true. I’m going to be a firefighter!” I’m not sure where that came from, but I do know their Romanian is now almost as good as mine. In one week’s time. In one week they went from simple phrases to complex sentences involving time sequencing and conditionals… Sounds like we’ll be sending them again in a few more weeks – it’s good for them.

As for me, I hung out with Bruiser at home. Did some document editing. And I’m working on teaching Bruiser not to throw things. We’re not making much progress. He really likes to throw things. And he giggles like mad when he gets in trouble – I went so far as to smack his little hand, and he thought it was a game (he likes to pull on electric chords too – that called for a smacked hand, or as Bruiser calls it, a new game). So next I grabbed his hand, gave him a firm no, and held his hand a minute so he couldn’t take it away. He cried until I gave his hand back, but then that was a game too.

It’s been ages since I’ve posted on the blog, and I’m sorry about that. I’ll try to do better. But these days we’re not online very often. In fact, we’ll be online even less, because while the kids were gone a new playground was installed in front of our apartment building. We’ll be there a lot these days. It’s shaded, and there’s no rust. Very very exciting.


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