New apartment

Remember how we moved to this great new apartment that’s in the perfect location and has a great kitchen and we love it? Well, on Monday our gas was turned off, meaning we can’t cook. We have a gas oven and stove, so we’ve been eating a lot of fresh salads, sandwiches, and canned corn lately. Yum. Well, yum and kind of fun the first day and a half, but now it’s becoming abnoxious.

Today we saw a notice posted on the door. Soon they’ll be turning off our running water. What happens is that when someone doesn’t pay their bill, the utility company can’t turn off utilities to that apartment alone, they have to turn it off to the entire building. So because one or two apartment rack up an unpaid bill, the entire building (about 180 apartments) loses utilities.

We’re handling the gas deal. We needed to replace our oven anyway, so when we do we’ll get one of the newfangled ones with a combination of gas and electric. But when the water goes, I’m done. I started to propose to hubbs that we take a little trek to the village when the water gets shut off, till I remembered – the village has no running water either. I give up.

I’m not sure how accurate my assessment is, but it seems to me that there’s of community here similar to that which exists in the army. You know, if one guy doesn’t shine his shoes they all do push-ups? Here, if one guy doesn’t pay his bill, he and all his neighbors lose service. And yes, the notice about the upcoming imposed water shortage does indeed name which apartment didn’t pay and how much their bill is. I’m hoping peer pressure is as powerful and effective in my apartment block as it was in 9th grade.


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