What do you do when…

… you’re the pastor’s wife and you’ve invited someone from the church over for dinner, and an hour before your guests show you find that you have no gas to cook with?

Hubbs had just come back from the store with chicken, mushrooms, carrots, etc… I had just started chopping the carrots when I tried to turn the stove on and – thwarted! – it didn’t work. I got angry at the stove first, then reason set in. I knocked on the neighbor’s door and found out that – sure enough – gas to the whole block is shut off.

So, company is already on the way, what’s a girl to do? I made a giant bowl of cole slaw, and I had hubbs call our guest and meet him a block down the street at a sidewalk cafe that sells amazing pastries – savory cheese, potato, and cabbage pastries and sweet cherry-pie like pastries. They met there and brought home dinner for us, along with the monstrous bowl o’ slaw I’d whipped up.

I have to say, I felt a little guilty serving a meal that was so unsophisticated, but when it came time for clean-up and we were done in 10 minutes flat, I figured this whole no gas thing isn’t so bad!


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